Spreadsheet to Shop

Spreadsheet to Shop 2.50

For the PayPal Shopping Cart and PC’s running Microsoft Windows
2.50 (See all)

If your website doesn’t have a shop, Spreadsheet to Shop (S2S) lets you easily create one for it.
S2S is easy to use because no programming is required and a third party server, PayPal’s, is used to process credit card payments.
S2S can even upload the shop to the web for you. Data about the items you want to sell in stored in a spreadsheet.
S2S uses this data to build a fully-functional, PayPal compatible, shopping website. S2S lets you develop as many shops as you want. Yes, you can even use this software to start your own business by making online shopping sites for others.
-No expensive shop hosting fees
-Shops are PayPal Compatible
-Create as many shops as you like
-Customised MS Excel and OpenOffice Calc spreadsheets supplied
-Supports up to 999 categories and 9999 subcategories per shop
-Image gallery up to 5 images 5 large images of same

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